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Ep. 07 Parsha Bo – Controlling Time

If you were giving the Jewish nation the Torah, what would be the first national mitzvah (commandment) you would give? In this week’s Torah portion, G-d gives the Jewish nation the commandment of sanctifying the new moon each month! Seems like a strange choice. Join us as we dive deeper into the understanding of Kiddush…

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Ep. 06 Moses, Abraham and the many names of G-d

Did you ever notice in the Torah that there are so many different names of G-d? In the first two verses of this week’s Torah portion, the Torah uses THREE different names of G-d. What’s going on here? Why does G-d have so many names and why are each of them used specifically here? Join…

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Ep. 05 Bathing my pots and pans – why put my food vessels in the Mikvah?!?

There are three basic functions that the Mikvah (Jewish ritual bath) has in the modern world: 1) for purifies the ritually impure male or female 2) for Jewish conversion and 3) for immersing metal vessels used in contact with food prior to using them? The first two seem along the same lines but what’s the…

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Ep. 04 Prayer – Why do Jews pray three times each day?

We discuss in this episode the source of prayer in the Torah and the evolution into and meaning of the three daily prayers: shachris (morning prayer), mincha (afternoon prayer) and maariv (evening prayer). Thank you to Rabbi Shaya Fox for sponsoring this episode in honor of the launch of the thinking Jew podcast and in…

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Ep. 03 Understanding the Role of Exile in Jewish History

Did you ever wonder why so much of our national history has been spent in exile? We’ve been in exile for more years than we’ve lived on our land! Why did the Jews need to go into the Egyptian exile before receiving the Torah? What about our individual lives? Do we have personal exiles? Join…

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Ep. 02 Loving God – An Obligation to Love?

In this episode, we discuss a very fundamental question in Judaism regarding love of God. We say in the Shema “and you shall love Hashem your G-d with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your means” (Deuteronomy 6:5). How can the Torah command an emotion? What if we’re not feeling it?…

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Ep. 01 Parsha Vayechi – Living for the Greater Good

Welcome to the first episode of the thinking Jew podcast. In this episode, we’ll discuss an underlying theme of Jacob’s final blessing to his children, the true power of self-awareness and a practical way to bring Mashiach. If you enjoyed this episode kindly hit the subscribe button to ensure you never miss out on future…

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