With the fast of the 10th of Teves approaching this week, I’m rebroadcasting episode 55 which contains such a powerful idea behind the spiritual power of this meaningful day.

There are 6 public fast days on the Jewish calendar: Yom Kippur, Tisha B’Av (the 9th of Av), Tzom Gedalia (the 3rd of Tishrei), Asarah Biteves (the 10th of Teves), Taanis Esther (the 13th of Adar) and Shiva Asar Bi’Tammuz (the 17th of Tammuz). And while Yom Kippur and the fast of Esther each have their own independent reason for fasting, the remaining four are much more interconnected.

In this episode, you’ll discover the historical connection between the fateful days of 10 Teves, 17 Tammus, 9 Av and 3 Tishrei, and how they’re all part of one story of exile and destruction. We’ll see how the tenth of Teves (which is coming up next on December 14th, 2021) kickstarted this process and we’ll then discover a deeper Kabbalistic understanding from the Chasam Sofer that sheds a whole new light on why the 10th of Teves plays such a uniquely important role in this process.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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