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Looking for a more meaningful understanding of your Judaism?  Want to understand the reasoning behind Torah laws and customs? 

Join Rabbi Moshe as he uncovers a deeper side of Torah law and Jewish philosophy and you’re sure to gain a deeper Torah perspective for the modern world.

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Latest Episodes

A Deeper Look at Asarah B’Teves (rebroadcast)

With the fast of the 10th of Teves approaching this week, I’m rebroadcasting episode 55 which contains such a powerful idea behind the spiritual power of this meaningful day....

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Ep. 87 The “Real” Miracle Of Chanuka

If you ask most people what the miracle of Chanuka was, they’ll most likely respond with the story of a small jug of pure oil burning in the Temple...

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Ep. 86 Understanding The Structure Of Torah: The Written And Oral Law

The Torah is broken up into many different sections and parts. The primary two being the written law (Torah She’bichsav) and the oral law (Torah She’ba’al Peh). In today’s...

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Ep. 85 Creating Real Change – Positive Teshuva

This past week I asked close to 50 people to think of something that they want to improve at over this coming year. A whopping 100% (!!!) thought of...

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