Did you ever notice in the Torah that there are so many different names of G-d? In the first two verses of this week’s Torah portion, the Torah uses THREE different names of G-d. What’s going on here? Why does G-d have so many names and why are each of them used specifically here?

Join Rabbi Moshe on this episode and you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of G-d’s rebuke to Moses, the concept of Ma’aseh avos siman libonim (what occurred to our forefathers foreshadows what will happen to their descendants) and the forefather’s role in the Jewish nation.

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Sources: Hakesav Vi’hakabal (name of kel shakai): https://www.sefaria.org/HaKtav_VeHaKabalah%2C_Exodus.6.3?lang=bi

Piskei Rosh (name of Havaya) https://www.sefaria.org/Rosh_on_Yoma.8.19?lang=bi

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