Does the Torah allow us to restrict individual rights for the betterment of society? Where do we draw the line between freedom and safety?

With three kids home in quarantine, having classmates who tested positive for Covid-19, I figured it’s a good time to discuss the Torah’s perspective on quarantine.

The Torah study that results from this podcast should be a merit for their classmates, as well as everyone who is ill and in need of a recovery.

Join me as we take a more analytical approach to find Torah sources on the topic of quarantine.

Happy listening!

Rabbi Moshe


Bava Kama 23a:

Responsa Nodeh Bi’Yehuda, Vol. II, Yoreh Dei’ah, 210:

Nishmas Kol Chai (Rav Chaim Falagi), Vol. II, Choshen Mishpat 49 (I have a copy (Hebrew only), email me if you’d like me to send it to you.)

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