The counting of the Omer is a 50 day period connecting the holiday of Passover to the holiday of Shavuos. If you look in the Torah, the Omer actually seems completely disconnected from both holidays. It was just a barley offering that happens to be brought on the second day of Passover. So, what’s the deeper connection between the Omer offering and the holidays?

Also, did you ever wonder why the holiday of Shavuos has no date in the Torah? All the holidays have set dates on the calendar, except for Shavuos. It is dated as 50 days after the bringing of the Omer offering! Why is Shavuos not celebrated on its own? Why is it connected to the Omer?

Join me as we take a deeper look at what the Omer, as well as the freedom of Passover and gift of Shavuos is really all about.

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Rabbi Moshe

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