Ep. 52 Why Are We Called Jews?

The name we generally identify with as a religion and a nation is the “Jew”. We consider ourselves Jewish and practice Judaism, but have you ever wondered where this name comes from? In the Torah, God refers to the nation as the “sons of Israel” or the “Israelites” but no mention of Jews or Judaism, so where did that come from?

Join me as we take both a historical and philosophical deep dive into the history of our national name uncovering a deeper meaning of what it really means to be “Jewish”.

Thank you to my parents, Rabbi David and Marcy Segal, for sponsoring this episode in memory of my grandfather, Zoltan Weiss z’l, Gedalia ben Shraga Feivel z’l, whose 6th yahrtzeit was this week on the 11th of Kislev. May all the Torah learning that comes from this episode serve as a great merit for his soul.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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