Ep. 58 The Ten Commandments, The Ten Plagues and The Ten Utterances: Discovering The Soul Of The World

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that G-d famously decimated the Egyptian nation with 10 plagues, enabling the Jews to leave and gain their freedom. But why did G-d need 10 plagues? G-d is all-powerful! He could’ve just marched the Jews right out! What was the purpose of these ten plagues?

Join me as we discover a fascinating connection between three groups of ten; the ten utterances through which G-d created the physical world, the 10 plagues in which G-d destroyed Egypt and freed the Jews and the ten commandments, when G-d gave the Jews the Torah on Mount Sinai. Through understanding all these parallels, we’ll gain a whole new appreciation of what the ten plagues really accomplished!

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Rabbi Moshe

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