Ep. 59 Man Is Like A Tree In The Field – Tu Bi’Shevat 2022

The Mishna (Rosh HaShanah 2a) teaches us that the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat is the “New Years for the Trees.” In the practical sense this impacts multiple laws of agriculture as explained in the Torah. But is that all it is? Is it merely a birthday for the trees or is there a stronger more personal connection to us?

We find multiple examples in the Torah comparing trees and people and in this episode we’ll explore that connection and discover one special connection that people and fruit trees have in common; bringing forth potential.

Join me as we look through the various sources in the Torah developing this comparison and then end with an unbelievable idea from the Maharal of Prague that will really deepen our connection to Tu Bi’Shevat.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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