Ep. 62 A Deeper Look At Clothing

In many places throughout the Torah and Rabbinic writing we find an emphasis on clothing. There are mitzvahs about the clothing we wear, and there’s even an entire Torah portion on the materials and style of the priests’ clothing in the tabernacle and temple.

Why does God care about our clothing? Doesn’t God care more about who we internally than our external appearance?

Another example of the significance of clothing can be found in the Midrash, which states that one of the merits that saved the Jews from Egyptian bondage was their Jewish style of clothing. Again, isn’t there something more internal that warranted their salvation? Didn’t they cry out to God? Didn’t they sacrifice a Paschal lamb?

Join me as we look back to the beginning of time to uncover a deep Kabbalistic perspective on what the role of clothing really is in Jewish thought and how it’s still relevant to this day.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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