Ep. 66 The Mourner’s Kaddish

The Kaddish is one of the mot powerful prayers that we have. The Talmud goes so far as to say that the Kaddish is one of two merits that allow the world to continue to exist. Additionally, the Kaddish is one of the most observed rituals in Judaism. Even Jews who don’t frequently attend services, will make sure to come to synagogue when they need to say Kaddish.

In today’s episode I want to explore this powerful prayer. We’ll discuss why it’s such a unique prayer, why mourners are the ones charged with leading it, how does this prayer impact the departed soul and much more!

Thank you to Dr. Sarah and Dr. Akiva Lorenz for sponsoring this episode in memory of Sarah’s father, Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Sawilowsky ob’m, Shlomo Noach ben Alter Avraham Yakov z’l. May the Torah learned here serve as a great merit for his soul.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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