Ep. 67 A Deeper Look At Kosher

The concept of Kosher is probably one of the most well-known Torah laws in the world. Why is that? Is there a deeper theme behind it that reflects the broader lessons of Torah?

In this episode, we’ll discuss that which the great Kabbalists before us, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lozzatto, Rabbi Shneur Zalmen of Liadi and the holy Ariz’al, revealed to us about the importance of eating kosher.

We begin with looking at the role of Torah and Mitzvahs in general, we then continue to understand why there are so many mitzvahs regarding food, and conclude with explaining the Kabbalistic spiritual side of eating and of making blessings over food.

The episode is dedicated in honor and as a token of appreciated for the great work that the Dallas Kosher (DK) does for the DFW community. To learn more about the DK or to become a member, go to dallaskosher.org

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Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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