Ep. 75 The Two Parts Of The Omer: Honor & Goodness

I heard earlier today that one of my greatest Rabbis passed away. His name was Rabbi Eliyahu Margulies zt’l, and he was my teacher that really opened my eyes to the deeper side of Torah. Many ideas that I share on this podcast are sourced from this great man.

In his honor and in his memory, I decided to share a beautiful and deep idea that I heard from him 10 years ago (to the week), when I was studying in the great Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

He left behind a wife and seven children, and a fund was set up to assist them going forward. If you would like to participate in this great mitzvah, you can donate here: https://secure.cardknox.com/congregationramatshlomo

In today’s episode we discuss the two parts of the counting of the Omer: the first 32 days and the last 17. The Maharal explains that the first 32 days correspond to the concept of Kavod, honor, which has a numerical value (gematria) of 32, while the last 17 days reflect tov, goodness, which has a value of 17.

In this class Rabbi Margulies zt’l explained each of these concepts individually.  He then connected it back to the counting of the Omer and the upcoming holiday of Shavuos.

May the neshama of HaRav Eliyahu Menachem ben Rav Eliezer Tzadok zt’l have an aliyah.

Happy Listening!

Rabbi Moshe

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