Ep. 50 Why Are Mitzvahs Physical – Understanding Physical and Spiritual Space

Often when one thinks of a deep spiritual experience, they think of a transcendent meditation, or maybe about accessing deeper levels of consciousness or the like. They don’t generally think of hanging a parchment outside their front door (mezuzah) or sitting in a wooden hut (Sukka), separating a piece of bread for the priest (Challah), yet when we look at the Torah, we find that almost all the mitzvahs (biblical commandments) are physical actions. How can that be? How can a physical action connect us to an extremely non-physical God?

Additionally, the Torah commands us to cling to God. What does that even mean? How can we become “close” to God? What does being close even mean when discussing God who exists outside of time and space. What is spiritual closeness?

Join me as we discover a deeper perspectives behind mitzvahs and how specifically because they’re physical actions, they uniquely bridge the gap between our human experience and the spiritual worlds.

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Rabbi Moshe


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